Erik Svärdsøn

A handsome man looking somewhere in his mid-twenties with blonde hair, blue eyes and medieval armor from various cultures.

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Stat Score Mod
Str 17 +3
Dex 18 +4
Con 18 +4
Int 14 +2
Wis 14 +2
Cha 12 +1
Saving Throws
Toughness +11 Fortitude +7
Reflex +7 Will +7
Defense 21
Initiative 20
Attack +7
Ranged +10
Melee +10
Name Rank Description
“Jern, Titan Killer!” 11 Summon Hellfire Axe. Alternate Power: Thrown Lance. Linked: Fear.
Comprehend 2 Understand and Speak any language.
Immunity 9 Immunity to aging, disease, poison, and starvation.
Super Sense: Sight 5 Dark Sight. Magical Awareness. Direction Sense.
Regeneration 9 During battle, Bruised, Injured and Staggered effects receive a recovery check once per round.
Name Points Rank Mod
Acrobatics 8 4 +4
Climb 7 4 +3
Gather Info 3 2 +1
Tactics 10 8 +2
Notice 10 8 +2
Ride 8 4 +4
Sense Motive 6 4 +2
Survival 6 4 +2
Swim 7 4 +3

Imagine being ageless. Displaced from the concerns of mortal men and women, whom to you seem so fragile and easily brushed off the planet. Imagine being, as far as you can tell, one of the Gods, or at least touched by them. Now imagine being brushed off just as easily by them. You’re not Hercules or Thor, or even Jobe. No, you’re part in this great cosmic plot is completely undefined as far as you can tell.

This is the story of Erik Svärdsøn. Erik was found on the Southern Coast of Norway by simple farmers sometime around the 11th century. He was already a child by then, wandering naked, a battle ax taller than himself clutched at his side. He was bloody and didn’t seem to speak the language. The farmers thought he might die, but he healed and learned the language quickly. He was a perfectly bright child, and was content to help his mother and father in whatever way he could. His only real possession and strong point was the battle ax he’d been found with. His father had decided to hide it, but now and then Erik would crawl under the house and steal a look at it.

Erik’s only known father died when Erik was about 24. Erik vowed to help his mother with the farm and keep the land. Of course, it became a problem when Erik didn’t age or change in any way. As the years passed he continued to look like the same young man as his mother got older and older. His mother died 20 years after the death Erik’s father. Fearing possible attack from the locals, Erik took his battle ax and headed north.

Erik survived in the wilderness with his wits and his weapon. He fought in various local conflicts and tribal disputes, taking whatever side he thought was right and good. After a century or so of fighting and travel, he finally made his way to Olso, now the seat of the government and the home of the king. Known for his various deeds and battle prowess, Erik was summoned to the king’s court and secretly offered payment in exchange for his services. So for many years, Erik served the king as a living weapon and mercenury. He traveled to Sweden, Finland and Denmark, killing for country and learning more about himself. He seemed immune to most mortal attacks and weapons. He could be hurt, but he was quite frankly superior to any mortal man. His years of experience and superior strength allowed him to destroy hundreds by himself.

But Erik wasn’t fit to be a hired murderer. When the king passed and governmental control in Norway waned, Erik travelled back to Denmark, seeking to explore the world. As of the 14 century, he is ready to travel out further than he’s ever been.

Erik Svärdsøn

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