Marching with Okabe
Through the eyes of Yoshiro

We had decided to travel back to Suruga and talk with Imagawa after he heard about our bar fight a few days ago. I carred Kyosado while Erik rode his newfound friend Okami and Kodai Nakano teleported along the way. As we crossed into the Kai province, we spotted army platoons and columns flying Suruga flags. Kyosado and Erik decided to set down and approach the army and have a . . .chat. I opted to stand back and talk with Nakano.

Erik and Kyosado spoke with the leader of the army, Okabe as I watched on. The mounted leader samurai cirlced the two with their hands on their weapons and I decided to approach. Subtly, of course. At speed at that. I was excited for no reason as Kyosado and Erik had seemingly decided to travel along with the army.

Scouts didn’t report in, flurry of arrows, army came under attack, Honda shows up and is a chick, END OF NIGHT

Abe's Downfall at the Temple
Through the eyes of Yoshiro

The four of us held Abe and the dragon at bay. Kyosado faught the two Okami as Abe is battered severely. Zantetsou catches Abe as he falls from the sky and joins the battle. After a few missed attacks on Abe that hurt the dragon, all the spirits come to their senses and begin acting friendly.

Erik seems to believe I respect no one and only coin. The delirious foreign fool has no idea who any of us are. We discussed a few things with Zantetsou before he left our realm. Erik decided to not let Abe live and cleaved him not so cleanly in two across his chest.

Afterwards, we holed up in town for the rest of the day and caught up on the latest rumors. Daimyo Imagawa from Suruga has summoned us for an audience for explanation of the bar tussel. Honda and Okabe are headed to Nagao to retaliate for the assassination attempt on Imagawa.

Protecting the Temple
Through the eyes of Yoshiro

As we spent our time around the temple, each of us had our own ideas on how to defend the grounds of the ritual. I took to the skies and scouted and patrolled. Erik leveled a small section of a nearby forest to make sharp punji sticks and lined the path from the temple down to the lake.

Night falls and everyone headed to bed. Except me. I don’t seem to need sleep. Just as well. Sleep makes one vulnerable and it’s just a waste of time. At one point during the night, I spotted what appeared to be a water serpent floating gently around the lake and splashing lightly. I approached the serpent silently and watched it vanish into the sky in an instant. I also noticed light signs of a struggle along the lake shore.

At this, I woke up my companions (if I can even call them that) and we set about investigating the lake. We found no further evidence of the struggle. We all set about devising a defensive plan to cover the monks’ descent to the lake. After a bit of bickering and deliberating, the plan fell to a four prong coverage. Erik would wait at the shore. Kyosado would watch the path from the roof. Nakano would start at the top of the stairs and follow the dragon down to the lake while maintaining a cloud of mist that we can all see through . I would watch invisibly from the trees along the west side of the path so that I may take to the sky or leap into the path to ward off any attackers.

Hours later, the ritual begins. The paper dragon begins snaking its way throught the temple as a gentle breeze picks up and blows across the hot spring day. A middle aged man appears seated on the top of the paper dragon and startles the monks carrying it. Kodai Nakano recognizes this man.

This man is a mischievous person who had a kitsune for a parent. He startles the monks and summons the water dragon I spied earlier. The man is Abe. Abe is not a kind man. Abe is, in fact, an asshole. Abe summons four okami wolf spirits and mounts the dragon and rides around the sky. The okami have the apparant ability to possess their targets. I go invisible and silent and the fight commences. After some scuffling, I move in and knock a wolf down in one blow and immediately deliver its killing strike. Abe is angered and decides to enter the fight himself.

Traveling To Musashi
Through the eyes of Yoshiro

We left the docks as the flaming hulk of the slaver ship sank into the bay. Upon our return to the inn, the keeper thanked us and tried to give us our payment. I kindly refused and told him to invest the gold in his daughter’s education and future. Nakano has a vision that night and Kiyo decides to travel to Musashi to protect an ancient ritual to end a drought. I whole heartedly agree to help Kiyosado protect the ritual. Now its just a matter of making it to Musashi and the temple.

I decided to fly Kiyosado out to Musashi as Erik rode a horse and Kodai Nakano teleported himself right to the region. After we all arrived and settled in at the temple. We discussed things with the monks and prepared for the ritual after the next day.

Bandits and Slavers at the Docks
Through the eyes of Yoshiro

After the guards were soundly dispatched, the barkeep divulged as much information as to the whereabouts of his daughter and the slavers that kidnapped her. We were told so seek information in Sigura Bay south of our current position.

On our travel south, we were followed and beset by a roving band of thieves. Not being ones to take kindly to bandits, the party took action against them. Nakano raised a cloud of obscuring mist as the rest of us took the fight to the scrambling bandits. Erik takes a hostage and uses the terrified man as a guide along the road and around Sigura Bay.

In Sigura Bay, the bandit tells us to find Ishimura and we take to the docks in search of him. Erik, Kyo and I infiltrate the slaver’s warehouse basement as Nakano keeps watch over the outside.

Erik and Kyo attempted some deliberation with the slavers on a ship moored at the dock as I infiltrated the cargo hold and located large shipping crates full of slaves. After a severe scuffle, we managed to free all the slaves and eliminate most if not all the crew. Nakano teleported the barkeep’s daughter back home as the rest of us remained embroiled in combat with the monster Kuruma and Ishimura.

I stepped in and delivered the killing strike to Ishimura’s back as Kuruma lept off a flaming ship mast onto Nakano. Erik dashed and chopped into Kuruma’s back as I held back and caught my breath while taking a momemto from Ishimura’s body.

As the party pummels Kuruma into apparant submission, I step in sever his neck as he flips out form under me and escapes into the ocean. I take flight as the ships is consumed by flames and we all gather on the dock to watch the remnants sink into the bay.

The Outset and the Bar fight
Through the eyes of Yoshiro

I traveled into Toukaidou and settled in at the local watering hole to rest and forget a few more of my travels. This town keeps some strange company. A dark skinned man with eyes of different colors that is supposedly a traveling oni and tall yellow haired foreigner that speaks in strange lilting tongues and can apparently call to him a fearsome battle axe of strange design.

This may be the most interesting day of my life yet.

The dark skinned man got confused for a demon in the bar and a couple patrons decided to end his life. The strange foreigner thought that was unfair and stepped in to defend. The dark skinned man can call fire from nothing and vanish into flames. The foreigner is mightier than any warrior I’ve come across.

The poor samurai and town guards didn’t even see it coming.


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